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2015 Louisiana Historical Association
Committee Appointments

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Board of Directors (3yr appt)
Mary Farmer-Kaiser (18)
Emily Clark (18)
LaGuana Gray (18)
Elizabeth Skilton (18
Alecia Long (19)
  Samuel C. Hyde, Jr. (19)
Laura D. Kelley (19)

  James MacDonald (19)

John Rodrigue (17)
Eva Baham(17)
  Keith Finley (17)
  Henry Robertson (17)

Keith Cangelosi (Memorial Hall)
Jacques Walker (Washington Artillery)
James Carriere (Army of Tennessee)
Paul Hoffman (ad-hoc member)

Executive Committee (annual appt)
Virginia Gould, president
Brady Banta, vice president
James Wilson, secretary-treasurer
Michael Martin, managing editor

Eva Baham
Elizabeth Skilton

Nominations Committee (annual appt)
Howard Hunter, Chair
Marianne Fisher-Giorlando
Alecia Long
William Robeson
Steve Michot

Program Committee (annual appt)
Laura Kelley, Chair
Janet Allured
Dave Anderson
Michael Ross

Charter & Bylaws Committee (2yr appt)
Fernin Eaton, Chair (19)
Janet Allured (18)
Mike Ross (18)
Mary Linn Wernet (19)
Nolan Eller (19)

Membership Committee (2yr appt)
Charles Pellegrin, Chair (19)

Howard Hunter
Amanda McFillen (18)
Monica Bontty (19)
Brian McGowan (19)
Steve Michot (19)

Archives & Records Committee (3yr appt)
Mary Linn Wernet, Chair (19)
Michelle Riggs (17)
Sean Benjamin (18)
Karen Leathem(18)
Tara Laver (18)

Kemper Williams Prize Committee (3yr appt)
John Lawrence, Chair (permanent appt)
  Molly Mitchell (18)
  Michael Ross (19)

 Patricia Brady (20)


Hugh Rankin Prize Committee (annual appt)
Brady Banta, Chair
Vaughan Baker Simpson
Michael Wade
Michael Martin (ex-officio)

McGinty Award Committee (2yr appt)
V. Elaine Thompson, Chair
Mary Farmer-Kaiser (18)
Charles Vincent (19)

LHA Fellows Committee (3yr appt)
Mark Fernandez, Chair (18)
Edward Haas (19)
Jerry Sanson  (20)

Investments Committee (5yr appt)
Paul Hoffman, Chair (19)
  Judith Gentry (19)
Lawrence Powell (19)
  Virginia Gould, (21)

Andrew McKevitt (21)
James Wilson (ad-hoc voting member)

Committee on Teaching History (3yr appt)
Dave Anderson, Chair (19)
William Robison (18)
Charity Rakestraw (18)
Meredith Melancon (18)

Phi Alpha Theta Committee (3yr appt)
V. Elaine Thompson, Chair (17)
Sam Shepherd (18)
Henry Robertson (19)
James MacDonald (19

Publications Committee (3yr appt)

Michael Martin, Managing Editor
Michael Frawley (18)
Andy Horowitz (18)
Jerry Sanson (18)
Janet Allured (19)
Brady Banta (19)
Mary Linn Wernet (19)
Connie Zeanah Atkinson (20)
Ian Beamish (20)
Kodi Roberts (20)

Glenn R. Conrad Prize Committee (2yr appt)
Dan Usner, Chair (18)

Mary Famer-Kaiser (18)
Charity Carney (18)
Howard Hunter



Information and Technology Committee
Andrew McKevitt, Chair
Andrew Wegmann

Bob Whitaker

Michael Martin






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