We are pleased that you are submitting the results of your research to Louisiana History for possible publication. Louisiana History is not only the official organ of the venerable Louisiana Historical Association, founded on April 11, 1889, but it is also the leading scholarly publication on Louisiana history and culture.

Louisiana History welcomes submissions of essays pertaining to all facets of Louisiana history—including social, political, economic, religious, literary, and environmental. The editorial staff will also consider manuscripts dealing with methodology and historiography, as well as translations or transcriptions of historically significant primary source materials.

The journal gives priority to essays of an exemplary caliber, thoroughly documented and carefully argued, that make a significant, original contribution to Louisiana historiography. Such essays must be based upon research in primary sources. Manuscripts should be thoroughly documented, with citations to specific sources for quotations and statements that are not common knowledge. All manuscripts should adhere to the journal’s in-house style sheet, based upon the Chicago Manual of Style (consult a recent issue of Louisiana History).

Submission of Manuscripts

To expedite the review process, authors should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Authors should submit two complete copies of their manuscripts. A self-addressed, stamped envelope should be included if the manuscripts are to be returned.
  • The author’s name, address, telephone number, and email address should appear on the title page. The author’s identity should appear nowhere else in the manuscript.
  • All manuscripts must be typewritten. All textual material, including tables and notes, should be double-spaced. Typewriter-type fonts are preferred.
  • Notes should appear as footnotes.
  • Topical headings are strongly discouraged.
  • Charts, tables, figures, and maps should appear on pages following the notes.
  • All quotations should be clearly marked and footnoted. Block quotations should be set apart from the text and indented.
  • Authors must submit copies of their articles in electronic form on a CD-ROM or via email once their manuscripts have been accepted for publication. Files must be formatted in Microsoft Word.

Peer Review and Publication

Peer Review: The editorial staff will examine all manuscripts submitted to Louisiana History for stylistic excellence. Manuscripts deemed potentially publishable undergo critical review by two specialists in the appropriate field. Louisiana History utilizes a double-blind process of evaluation. Neither the author nor the reviewers know one another’s identity.

Authors may be asked to revise manuscripts on the basis of recommendations made by critic readers. Authors are afforded an opportunity to rebut specific suggested changes. Revisions should be made in a timely fashion, and the editorial office should be apprised of any unforeseen delays in production of a finished manuscript. Completed manuscripts are reviewed by the editorial staff for verification of recommended changes.

Copyright: Under Copyright Act 17 U.S.C. §201(c), the publisher acquires the right of reproducing and distributing contributions as part of the issue of Louisiana History in which they appear. The publisher reserves all rights to materials appearing in Louisiana History.

Editorial Rights: The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all submissions in conformity with the Chicago Manual of Style, supplemented by in-house rules.

Galleys: All Louisiana History authors receive galleys of their edited manuscripts for review.

Lead Time: The journal’s backlog constantly varies in size, causing a corresponding shift in the length of time between acceptance and publication. The normal time frame is approximately twelve to twenty-four months.

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