Digital Membership ($20)

Digital Membership includes:

  • Fully searchable digital access to past issues of Louisiana History (1960-present).

  • Browsable/downloadable digital access to all current issues of Louisiana History.

  • Email notifications when new issues of Louisiana History are posted on the website.

  • Advance access to Louisiana History.

  • Access to online LHA membership directory.

  • Allows access to website for one year from the date that you join.

Digital Plus Membership ($50)

Digital Plus Membership includes:

  • All of the benefits of Digital Membership (listed above).

  • Printed copies of the LHA quarterly journal Louisiana History.

  • Good for one calendar year, January through December (journals #1 – #4).

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Digital Membership
Access to all of the features on the LHA website!

At this membership level you can browse or download digital copies of all of the current and past issues of Louisiana History. Digital Membership also includes access to the LHA online membership directory. You do NOT receive printed copies of the journal Louisiana History at the Digital Membership level.

Digital Plus Memberhsip
Receive printed copies of the journal Louisiana History!

Digital Plus Membership includes all of the privileges of Digital Membership, as well as, hard copies of Louisiana History.